What is happening to Britain's
horse-chestnut trees?

Since 2002 Britain's conker trees have been under attack from a non-native moth — and you can help scientists at the Universities of Bristol and Hull monitor what's happening. The Conker Tree Science: Leaf Watch app, available for free from the iTunes App Store and Android Market, shows you how to identify affected trees and enables you to submit your geo-located leaf photos. This data will show our scientists where the moth is present within the UK today. Your reports will contribute to the Conker Tree Science research project.

See the results so far

  • Map of data

    Take a look at the results from 2011 or 2012 so far. Maps show how the miner leaf moth is spreading across the UK.

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More about the project

You can find more background about the project on the Our Web of Life website: www.ourweboflife.org.uk.